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Typpo is groundbreaking with its innovative application that ingeniously combines speech and animation. Using advanced A.I. technology, it converts spoken words into visually appealing animations, transforming the way users approach video creation. This unique blend of voice recognition and automated animation propels Typpo into the forefront of video creation technology. The app has been aptly designed with a user-friendly interface to ensure smooth navigation for its users. Additionally, Typpo features quick-sharing options and fast-motion design capabilities to streamline the video creation process. In essence, it makes creating compelling, professional-grade videos feasible and time-efficient.

The response from users underscores Typpo’s success, with praises for the app’s intuitive interface and the deployment of advanced A.I. technology. Many highlight that it drastically simplifies creating professional-looking videos, circumventing the need for specific design skills. This makes Typpo an invaluable tool for both novices and professionals alike.

Typpo is also committed to evolving to suit the various needs of its users. While it offers a free plan, the platform envisages releasing a PRO version, incorporating more advanced features. Furthermore, it plans to introduce paid services or premium features in the future, signaling Typpo’s continual strive to better cater to its users’ diverse needs.

Typpo: App to Create Video from Voice

Typpo is an innovative app that allows users to effortlessly transform their voices into captivating videos.

Features and Capabilities

Typpo, the first-of-its-kind App to Create Video from Voice, offers impressive features and capabilities for individual users and brands. Here are some key points worth noting:

  1. Advanced A.I Technology: Leveraging cutting-edge artificial intelligence, Typpo transforms spoken text into visually compelling animations. It’s a real game-changer in the world of speech-to-video conversion.
  2. User-friendly Interface: With Typpo, there’s no need for complex design skills or experience. The platform is designed to be intuitively easy to use, providing a user-friendly experience for creating personalized video messages.
  3. Quick Sharing Options: Once you’ve created engaging animation using this voice-powered design tool, sharing it is just as simple. You can instantly spread your message directly from the app on various social media channels.
  4. Speedy Motion Design: Claimed as the fastest motion design software available today, Typpo allows for swift creation and editing of videos – a valuable feature when time is of the essence.
  5. Branded User-generated content: Designed with businesses in mind, Typpo empowers brands by enabling customers or followers to generate branded content for free.
  6. Conversational Marketing Approach: Breaking away from more traditional advertising communication methods, Typpo promotes a conversational marketing approach encouraging people-centric interactions over brand-centric messaging.
  7. Innovation in Advertising Alternatives: As businesses look towards non-traditional forms of engagement and promotion, Typpo positions itself as an innovative advertising alternative in today’s digital age.
  8. Anticipated PRO version: Although already delivering powerful features, future developments promise even greater capabilities with the upcoming PRO version of the app.

How it works

Typpo, the innovative app to create video from voice, has revamped content generation with its unique functionality. The process of operation is as follows:

  1. First, you begin by speaking into your phone. This makes Typpo an easy video creation solution that doesn’t require the ability to type fast or long hours spent typing.
  2. Next, Typpo uses advanced Artificial Intelligence technology to change your spoken words into visually appealing animations. These tech features position it at the forefront as a user-friendly video design tool.
  3. Once your voice input is transformed into animation, you can preview it on Typpo. Here’s where you witness how Typpo offers an exciting and alternative way to traditional advertising methods.
  4. If satisfied with the created animation, you can share it online on various social media platforms or send it directly to friends and family as messages.
  5. As the first voice-powered design tool and heralded as the fastest motion design tool ever built, creating multiple videos quickly using quick commands becomes extremely time-efficient.

Benefits of using Typpo

Utilizing Typpo’s advanced A.I. technology, anyone can quickly transform spoken words into stunning animations for any purpose. No design expertise is needed; simply use your voice, and the platform handles the rest—creating visually engaging videos ready to share on social media channels or with close ones through messages.

As a user-powered design tool, Typpo enables users to create distinctive branded content for free, resulting in vibrant and unique marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes. This effortless transition from speech to video saves time and encourages more personal interaction between people rather than impersonal brand messaging—an advertising alternative that truly stands out in today’s digital landscape.

With Typpo’s swift motion design software at your disposal, crafting captivating videos has never been easier.

Reviews of Typpo

Users have praised Typpo’s user-friendly interface and advanced A.I. technology, giving it high ratings and positive feedback.

User feedback and ratings

Typpo has been receiving positive feedback from its users, who are amazed by the platform’s ability to transform spoken words into visually captivating videos. Many have praised the intuitive and user-friendly interface of Typpo, highlighting that no design skills are required to create professional-looking animations.

Users also appreciate the seamless social media sharing feature, which allows them to easily showcase their videos on various platforms. With its revolutionary voice-powered design tool and unprecedented speed in motion design, Typpo is changing how people communicate through video content.

Typpo stands out for its brand empowerment through user-generated content, as it allows brands to harness the creativity of their audience without any additional cost. This platform promotes authentic communication by encouraging people to talk to people instead of being solely focused on promoting brands.

Pros and cons

Typpo offers numerous advantages and some potential drawbacks to its users. Here’s a detailed list of the app’s pros and cons:

Typpo’s advanced A.I. technology effortlessly transforms spoken words into visually appealing animations.As the first design tool powered by voice, users may experience a learning curve while getting used to the new system.
The platform is user-friendly, requiring no prior design skills.Depending on the complexity of your design, some users may find the design options limiting.
Sharing videos on social channels or sending them as messages is quick and straightforward.The dependence on voice technology may pose challenges in noisy environments or for speechless users.
As one of the fastest motion design tools, Typpo speeds up content creation.While there’s a free plan, some features are only accessible with a paid subscription.
Typpo provides an alternative to conventional advertising methods, allowing audiences to generate branded messages for free.The free branded messages may not always align with a brand’s tone and messaging etiquette.

Remember, the pros and cons of an app can vary based on your specific needs and experiences.

Pricing of Typpo

Typpo offers various subscription options for users, allowing them to choose the plan that best suits their needs and budget.

Subscription options

Typpo offers different subscription options for users who want additional features and benefits. Here are the available subscription plans:

  1. Free Plan: Typpo is completely free and does not require a subscription. Users can enjoy all the basic features without any cost.
  2. PRO Version: The Typpo team is working on a PRO version offering more advanced features and functionality. Although the specific pricing details have not been released, it is expected to provide additional benefits beyond what is currently available in the free version.
  3. Paid Services: While Typpo is free, the team is exploring possibly introducing paid services or premium features. These paid options may unlock even more customization options and exclusive designs.
  4. Pricing Details: No specific pricing details are available for the PRO version or any potential paid services for Typpo. However, users can expect affordable subscription fees, considering Typpo’s aim to make video creation accessible to a wide range of users.
  5. Cost Comparison: While Typpo offers a free plan, comparing its potential subscription pricing with similar apps can help users decide based on their budget and requirements.


In conclusion, Typpo is a groundbreaking app that revolutionizes video creation by transforming a voice into stunning animations. With its user-friendly interface and advanced A.I. technology, anyone can easily create captivating videos without design skills.

The positive reviews from users attest to its effectiveness and convenience. While Typpo is free, it offers affordable subscription options for more advanced features.

However, other apps with similar functionalities are available if you’re looking for alternatives. Give Typpo a try today and discover the power of effortlessly turning your voice into engaging videos.


What is Typpo?

Typpo is an innovative app that allows users to transform their voices into captivating videos effortlessly.

What are the key features of Typpo?

Typpo’s key features include advanced A.I. technology, a user-friendly interface, quick sharing options, speedy motion design, branded user-generated content, offering a conversational marketing approach, and innovation in advertising alternatives.

How does Typpo work?

Typpo’s operation process includes speaking into your phone, converting your spoken words into animations using advanced Artificial Intelligence, previewing the animation, sharing it on various social media platforms, and creating multiple videos quickly using quick commands.

What benefits does Typpo offer its users?

Typpo transforms spoken words into stunning animations quickly and easily without design expertise. It also enables users to create branded content for free, save time, and encourage more personal interaction between people.

What are the pros and cons of Typpo?

Typpo’s advantages include its advanced A.I. technology, user-friendly platform, quick and straightforward video-sharing, speedy content creation, and offering an alternative to conventional advertising methods. However, its cons include a potential learning curve for users new to voice-powered design tools, potential limitations in design options based on complexity, potential challenges in noisy environments or for speechless users, and accessible features limited to a paid subscription.

What are Typpo’s subscription options?

Typpo offers a free plan with all basic features, a PRO version with more advanced features and functionality, and potential premium paid services that may offer more customization options and exclusive designs.

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