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Important Guidelines to Follow Before Submitting:

  1. Prior to submitting your tool, please conduct a thorough search on the site to ensure that it is not already listed.
  2. Please note that we manually review each tool before publishing it on the site. Refrain from submitting affiliate links, as they will not be approved. Kindly avoid using or similar shortened links; only direct URLs will be accepted.
  3. Please be aware that we curate tools, not newsletters, on this site. Therefore, do not submit your newsletter for consideration.
  4. Ensure that your URL includes “https://” to ensure proper review of your site.
  5. We kindly request that you refrain from submitting tools that are exclusively accessible through a waitlist, unless you have previously discussed this matter with us.
  6. Our approval criteria for listed tools have become more stringent. Please do not assume that your submission will be automatically approved. We are particularly interested in innovative tools and novel applications of AI. Websites that are poorly constructed, tools that have already been extensively replicated, new tool aggregators, and websites with suspicious or spam-like appearances will not be approved.
  7. Do not attempt to manipulate the upvoting system using bots or similar methods. We closely monitor such activities and flag websites that engage in cheating. If you have doubts, sort the list by upvotes and observe the bottom section where tools that have been sandboxed for attempting to cheat are displayed. Consider this a warning.

Please carefully adhere to these guidelines to ensure a fair and effective submission process.

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