Raw Shorts: Exploring the AI Video Tool’s Capabilities, Use Cases, Benefits, and Challenges

Raw Shorts

Raw Shorts is a video editing tool powered by AI, using machine learning algorithms to change scripts into attractive visual content. Its primary features include converting text to video, creating high-resolution videos, adding effects and transitions, AI video editing, and features that allow collaboration. The uses for Raw Shorts are diverse, ranging from creating marketing and promotional videos to explainer videos, brainstorming, idea generation, and crafting animations. Benefits of using Raw Shorts are its straightforward interface, high-quality visuals, extensive media library, customizable templates for fast video creation, and features that allow teamwork. However, it does have some limitations, such as restricted collaboration options and resizing abilities.

Raw Shorts

Features Of Raw Shorts AI Tool

Raw Shorts AI Tool offers a range of features, including text-to-video conversion, high-resolution video creation, effects and transitions, artificial intelligence video editing, and collaboration features.

Text-to-video Conversion

Text-to-video conversion offered by Raw Shorts is a powerful, innovative feature that differentiates it. It harnesses the capabilities of machine learning algorithms to scan and understand text content, swiftly converting it into engaging video segments.

How does this work? You input a script or any textual content into the tool, and voila! – Raw Shorts maps out an impressive storyboard based on the main concepts identified in your text. This automated process drives efficiency, minimizes time spent on manual video editing tasks, and maximizes creativity for businesses seeking top-tier social media videos or explainer pieces.

Its text-to-speech functionality further augments this feature, giving users diverse voices to narrate their videos. With access to licensed multimedia content from icons to animations, creating compelling videos has never been so straightforward.

High-resolution Video Creation

High-resolution video creation takes center stage at the heart of Raw Shorts’ capabilities. The AI-powered video editing software immaculately crafts top-tier visuals with an effortless charm.

Sharp, clear images are a given when you use this tool. It’s all about delivering pristine quality that catches the viewer’s attention and holds it from start to finish.

Easy-to-use yet powerful, Raw Shorts lets users create dynamic videos quickly. Amid its wide array of features, a web-based high-resolution video creation platform stands out for its efficiency and beauty.

Whether you’re creating marketing promos or explainer videos, expect nothing but crystal-clear outcomes that truly resonate with your audience. Remember, high-quality content isn’t just about smart copy; spectacular visuals play a significant role, too – and that’s where Raw Shorts shines!

Effects And Transitions

Raw Shorts’ AI tool is a game-changer in the world of video editing software, bringing to your fingertips an array of effects and transitions that add professional polish to your visual storytelling.

Unleash creativity with its robust library of lively animations, versatile icons, and stunning stock footage. Whether for an explainer video or a social media campaign, this text-to-video conversion tool allows you to seamlessly blend different scenes with transitions that capture viewers’ attention.

The variety spans from simple fades and cuts suitable for business presentations to dynamic 3D effects perfect for promotional videos. With Raw Shorts’ user-friendly interface, adjusting these elements takes little more than a few clicks – no advanced technical skills are required! This innovative platform makes high-end video creation accessible; it’s trusted by big brands like Coca-Cola and IBM, reflecting its quality output.

Artificial Intelligence Video Editing

Raw Shorts offers advanced artificial intelligence video editing capabilities, allowing users to easily transform text-based content into engaging videos. With the power of AI, the platform scans and analyzes the provided text, utilizing machine learning algorithms to identify key concepts and generate a storyboard for the video.

This intelligent technology enables users to create professional-looking videos without any prior editing experience or technical skills. From there, Raw Shorts provides a user-friendly interface with drag-and-drop functionality for easy customization of the AI-generated video rough cut.

Users can add effects, transitions, and animated charts and access an extensive library of over one million media assets, including videos, photos, icons, and animations. The result is high-quality videos that captivate audiences across various web and social media platforms.

Collaboration Features

Raw Shorts AI Tool offers collaboration features that streamline the video creation process and enhance teamwork. Its convenient browser access allows team members to easily collaborate and share ideas from any location.

The drag-and-drop functionality allows for seamless adjustments to the video rough cut, making it effortless for multiple users to work together on a project. These collaboration tools enable users to create engaging videos by combining their unique perspectives and leveraging the platform’s powerful AI-generated content options.

Use Cases Of Raw Shorts AI Tool

Raw Shorts AI tool can be used for various purposes, including creating marketing and promotional videos, explainer videos, brainstorming and idea generation, and animations.

Marketing And Promotional Videos

Raw Shorts AI Tool is ideal for creating marketing and promotional videos that engage and attract customers. With its powerful features and user-friendly interface, businesses can easily create professional-looking videos to promote their products or services. Here are some ways Raw Shorts can be used for marketing and promotional videos:

  1. Easily convert text into visually appealing videos: Raw Shorts AI Tool allows users to convert text into engaging video content. This feature helps businesses quickly create attention-grabbing videos without the need for complex video editing skills.
  2. High-resolution video creation: Raw Shorts offers high-resolution video creation capabilities, ensuring your marketing videos look crisp and professional on any platform or device.
  3. Extensive effects and transitions library: With a wide range of effects and transitions available, users can enhance their marketing videos with eye-catching visuals, giving them a polished and professional look.
  4. Artificial intelligence-based video editing: The AI technology used by Raw Shorts assists users in the video editing process by suggesting edits, enhancing workflow efficiency, and saving valuable time.
  5. Collaboration features for teamwork: Raw Shorts offers collaboration features that allow multiple team members to work on the same video project simultaneously. This feature ensures seamless collaboration between team members, making it easier to create impactful marketing videos together.
  6. Customizable templates for quick video creation: Raw Shorts provides customizable templates that businesses can easily modify to fit their brand identity and messaging. This feature saves time and effort while maintaining a consistent visual style across all marketing videos.
  7. Access to licensed media content: Raw Shorts provides access to over one million commercially licensed photos, videos, icons, and animations that users can use to enhance their marketing videos. This vast media library ensures businesses have many options when creating visually compelling content.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are a popular use case for Raw Shorts AI Tool. These videos simplify complex topics or concepts into easy-to-understand visual narratives. With Raw Shorts, businesses can create engaging explainer videos that captivate their audience and effectively convey their message. Some key features that make Raw Shorts ideal for explainer videos include:

  • Text-to-video conversion: Raw Shorts uses its AI-powered technology to convert written text into video content, saving time and effort in video creation.
  • High-resolution video creation: The platform allows users to create high-quality, professional-looking videos with crisp visuals and clear audio.
  • Effects and transitions: Raw Shorts offers a wide range of effects and transitions to enhance the overall visual appeal of explainer videos.
  • Artificial intelligence video editing: Raw Shorts’ AI capabilities help automatically generate storyboard ideas based on the text input, making it easier to visualize and structure the video content.
  • Collaboration features: Businesses can collaborate with team members to brainstorm ideas, review drafts, and edit using the platform’s collaborative features.

Brainstorming And Idea Generation

Brainstorming and idea generation are crucial steps in the video creation process. With Raw Shorts AI Tool, you can easily generate creative ideas and bring them to life through engaging videos. Here’s how Raw Shorts can help with brainstorming and idea generation:

  1. Access to customizable video templates: Raw Shorts provides a wide range of customizable video templates that are a great starting point for brainstorming. These templates cover various industries and topics, allowing you to quickly visualize your ideas.
  2. Text-to-video conversion: With its AI-powered text-to-video conversion feature, Raw Shorts transforms your written ideas into compelling video content. You can input your script or concept directly into the platform, and it will automatically generate visuals based on the text.
  3. Animated chart tools: Raw Shorts offers animated chart tools that enable you to present data and statistics engagingly. This feature is helpful when brainstorming for educational or informative videos where visualizing data is essential.
  4. Media asset libraries: Raw Shorts gives you access to over one million media assets, including images, icons, and stock footage. These libraries provide a rich source of inspiration during brainstorming sessions, helping you find the perfect visuals to enhance your ideas.
  5. Collaboration features: Although collaboration features are limited in Raw Shorts, you can still share your projects with team members for feedback and input during the brainstorming phase. This ensures everyone’s ideas are considered and incorporated into the final video.

Creating Animations

Creating animations with the Raw Shorts AI tool is quick and easy. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Start by selecting a template or creating a custom video from scratch.
  2. Use the text-to-video feature to input your script or dialogue for the animation.
  3. Choose from animated characters, backgrounds, and objects to bring your story to life.
  4. Add voiceover or choose the text-to-speech option to have the characters speak.
  5. Customize the movements and actions of the characters using AI-powered editing tools.
  6. Enhance your animation with effects and transitions, such as fades, zooms, and rotations.
  7. Preview your animation and make any necessary adjustments before finalizing it.
  8. Export high-resolution animation and share it on social media, websites, or presentations.

Pros And Cons Of Raw Shorts AI Tool

Raw Shorts AI Tool offers easy-to-use features, impressive effects and transitions, and the ability to create high-resolution videos. However, it lacks certain collaboration features, and pricing plans are limited.

Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of the Raw Shorts AI Tool!

Pros: Easy To Use, Good Effects And Transitions, High-resolution Videos

Raw Shorts shines through its pros, delivering an easy-to-use platform, good effects and transitions, and high-resolution videos. These benefits make it a reliable choice for businesses, big or small.

Easy to Use
The platform is straightforward and user-friendly, allowing anyone to create stunning videos regardless of technical know-how. Its drag-and-drop editor facilitates easy customization of the AI-generated video rough cut, making video creation as simple as a few clicks.
Good Effects and Transitions
Raw Shorts offers a wide range of effects and transitions that can enhance the quality of your videos. From professional to creative, the platform houses a variety of effects that can be easily incorporated into your videos, providing a unique touch to your visual content.
High-Resolution Videos
With Raw Shorts, you can produce high-resolution videos that captivate your audience. The platform’s ability to create quality videos is trusted by major brands like Capital One, American Airlines, Coca-Cola, and others. These brands count on Raw Shorts to deliver crisp, clear, high-definition videos that stand out.

Cons: Lack Of Features (collaboration, Resizing), Limited Pricing Plans

While Raw Shorts AI Tool offers many benefits, it is important to consider its limitations. Currently, the platform lacks essential features such as collaboration and resizing. Furthermore, its pricing plans are quite limited.

Lack of Collaboration FeatureRaw Shorts AI Tool currently does not support collaboration. This could pose a challenge for teams working on a video project, as they cannot simultaneously access and edit the same project.
No Resizing OptionThe platform does not offer a resizing feature. This can limit the customization options of users, preventing them from adjusting the video size according to their specific needs.
Limited Pricing PlansRaw Shorts AI Tool offers limited pricing plans. This can disadvantage users looking for more flexibility or additional features at different price points.


In conclusion, Raw Shorts is an incredible AI tool that revolutionizes the video creation process. With its text-to-video conversion and high-resolution capabilities, businesses can easily create stunning marketing videos, explainer videos, and animations.

While it does have a few limitations in terms of collaboration and resizing options, its user-friendly interface and impressive effects make it a valuable asset for any creative project. Overall, Raw Shorts offers a convenient solution for professionals looking to harness the power of artificial intelligence in their video editing endeavors.


What is the Raw Shorts AI Tool?

Raw Shorts is an artificial intelligence (AI) powered video editing tool that uses machine learning to turn scripts into visually engaging content.

Can Raw Shorts AI Tool be used for collaboration?

Yes, Raw Shorts provides collaboration features that make it easier for team members to work together on video projects.

What are the benefits and limitations of using Raw Shorts AI Tool?

Benefits of using Raw Shorts include a user-friendly interface, high-quality visuals, customizable templates, and collaboration features. However, Raw Shorts could use improvements in its collaboration options and resizing capabilities.

Is Raw Shorts useful for creating explainer videos?

Absolutely, with features like text-to-video conversion and a wide range of effects and transitions, Raw Shorts makes the process of creating professional and engaging explainer videos easy.

How does Raw Shorts AI Tool help with brainstorming and idea generation?

Raw Shorts comes with customizable video templates, a text-to-video conversion feature, animated chart tools, and a library of over one million media assets, all useful tools for brainstorming and generating ideas for videos.

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