Vidyo: Ai Tool Features, Reviews, Price, Alternatives


Vidyo is a powerful AI tool that transform the video created with features like auto-video captioning, resizing, video clipping, auto-video chapters, social media templates, and 1080p downloads. The platform has received positive reviews from users who appreciate its timesaving capabilities and features like accurate auto-video captioning and easy resizing for different platforms.

Pricing options for Vidyo range from free to premium plans, ensuring accessibility for individuals and larger enterprises. However, some users have found the pricing slightly higher than other video editing tools.

Features and Benefits of Vidyo AI

Vidyo AI offers a range of powerful features for video creators, including auto-video captioning, video resizing, video clipping, auto-video chapters, social media templates, and 1080p downloads.

Auto-video Captioning

Simplifying the video editing process, Vidyo introduces an innovative tool known as Auto-video Captioning. This feature leverages artificial intelligence to generate precise captions for your footage, removing the hassle and time-consuming task of manual captioning.

This AI-powered feature enhances accessibility by providing subtitles – a boost, especially for podcasters and agencies aiming to reach wider audiences. Furthermore, content marketing teams find immense value in repurposing their video materials using auto-captioned short clips that are appealing on social platforms like TikTok or Instagram.

Among over 30,000 satisfied users, Nuseir Yassin from NAS Daily celebrates how this feature saves him several hours of editing time. However robust the Auto-video Captioning might support only English language videos, plans to include more languages are underway, enhancing its versatility even further.

Video Resizing

In the dynamic realm of online marketing and video production, size matters. Vidyo empowers users with a remarkable Video Resizing feature, eliminating the stress of adjusting videos to fit various platforms.

Turning lengthy webinars or conference calls into shortform social-ready clips for Instagram or TikTok is no longer a challenge. With just a few clicks, you get your content repurposed in the desired dimensions; 1080p downloads are also an option on this platform.

Creators appreciate this timesaving feature that takes the guesswork out of resizing. Providing impeccable control over your content dimension allows you to deliver compelling messages while ensuring optimal viewing experiences across different channels.

Throw in those catchy captions, emojis, and templates available– and voila! Your engaging piece is ready for sharing with more than 30,000 podcasters and creators using Vidyo today!

Video Clipping

Vidyo’s video clipping is a game-changing feature for anyone seeking efficient content creation. It operates through AI-powered video editing, automatically identifying and curtailing the most riveting parts of long videos to automatically generate short clips.

This technology has been endorsed by over 30,000 creators – including prominent podcasters like Nuseir Yassin (NAS Daily) – who celebrate its capacity to save up to 90% of editing time. Video creators, agencies, and marketing teams find this particularly beneficial when repurposing content from webinars or video conferences.

Its powerful functionality provides an edge in social media growth, enabling users to rapidly produce bite-sized highlights designed for quick consumption on platforms such as Instagram or Twitter.

In essence, Vidyo’s video clipping is an essential tool for swift and impactful digital storytelling.

Auto-video Chapters

Vidyo’s auto-video chapters feature is a game-changer for content creators. With the help of advanced AI technology, users can effortlessly segment their videos into chapters, making it easier for viewers to navigate through the content.

This enhances the user experience and adds a professional touch to the video editing process. By automating this time-consuming task, Vidyo allows creators to save valuable time and focus on other important aspects of their work.

Whether you’re a podcaster, marketer, or agency, Vidyo’s auto-video chapters feature will revolutionize your video editing workflow.

Social Media Templates

Vidyo understands the importance of social media in today’s digital landscape, which is why they offer a range of social media templates that perfectly complement their AI tool. These templates help podcasters, agencies, video creators, content marketing teams, and individuals repurpose their webinars and video conferencing sessions for maximum impact on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

With Vidyo’s social media templates, users can easily customize short clips with captions, emojis, and other engaging elements to create eye-catching content that captures the audience’s attention.

This feature saves time and ensures that your videos stand out from the crowd with professional-looking designs and layouts.

1080p Downloads

Vidyo AI offers the benefit of 1080p downloads, allowing users to obtain high-definition versions of their videos. With this feature, creators can ensure their content looks crisp and professional when viewed on various platforms.

Whether for sharing on social media or presenting in a webinar, downloading videos in 1080p resolution enhances the overall viewing experience for audiences. Additionally, with Vidyo AI’s efficient video resizing capabilities, users can easily adapt their videos to different screen sizes without sacrificing quality.

This means that no matter where your audience is watching from – whether it’s a smartphone or a large desktop monitor – they can enjoy your content in stunning detail.


Regarding pricing, Vidyo offers various options to suit different needs and budgets. Users can visit their website for detailed information on the available pricing plans.

Pricing options

Vidyo offers diverse pricing options that cater to different user requirements, from individuals to larger enterprises. These options range from free to premium, each offering varying features that align with the cost.

Free Plan$075 minutes of upload every month
Pro Plan$29.99/month or $299.99/year300 video upload minutes, 1080p video rendering, 100GB storage, CutMagic, Brand Template Builder, custom intros, outros, and fonts
Pro+ Plan$49.99/month or $499.99/year500 video upload minutes, 250GB storage, priority support, plus all the benefits of the Pro and Free plans
Enterprise PlanContact Vidyo for pricing.Batch processing over 100 hours, custom integrations, dedicated account manager, customized fonts, intros, outros, bespoke templates, and custom video sizing

These flexible pricing options ensure that Vidyo is accessible to many users, from individuals to full-scale content teams and businesses.


In conclusion, Vidyo is a powerful AI tool for video creation, editing, and distribution. With its impressive features like auto-video captioning, video resizing, and social media templates, it caters to the needs of podcasters, marketers, and small businesses. While the pricing details can be found on their website, and reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with users praising its timesaving capabilities in editing tasks.


What is Vidyo?

Vidyo is a powerful AI tool that offers features like auto-video captioning, resizing, video clipping, auto-video chapters, social media templates, and 1080p downloads for video creation and editing.

What does Vidyo offer?

Vidyo offers AI-powered video captioning, video resizing, video clipping, creation of auto-video chapters, social media templates, and 1080p downloads.

What makes Vidyo’s auto-video captioning feature special?

Vidyo’s auto-video captioning feature uses AI to generate precise captions for video footage, enhancing accessibility and saving time on manual captioning.

What benefits does Vidyo’s video resizing offer?

Vidyo’s video resizing feature eliminates the need for manual resizing, allowing creators to repurpose their content in desired dimensions for various platforms.

How does Vidyo’s video clipping work?

Vidyo’s video clipping automatically identifies and trims the most engaging parts of videos to generate short clips, saving users’ time and enhancing social media growth.

What is the auto-video chapters feature of Vidyo?

The auto-video chapters feature of Vidyo allows users to segment their videos into chapters automatically, enhancing the user experience and saving valuable time.

What’s special about Vidyo’s social media templates?

Vidyo’s social media templates allow users to customize short clips with engaging elements to create attention-grabbing content that stands out on various social media platforms.

What quality of video downloads does Vidyo offer?

Vidyo offers 1080p downloads, ensuring high-definition and professional-looking videos for users.

What are the pricing options for Vidyo?

Vidyo’s pricing options range from free to premium plans, catering to the needs of individuals and larger enterprises.

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