UK-France Collaboration on AI Safety and Innovation Post-Horizon Europe Membership


In a landmark move that underscores the enduring strength of scientific collaboration across the English Channel, the UK and France have announced a series of initiatives aimed at advancing the safety and development of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. This announcement follows closely on the heels of the UK’s recent association with Horizon Europe, signaling a new era of cooperation that transcends the divisions of Brexit and aims to foster mutual growth and innovation for both nations.

The collaboration was officially marked by a meeting between French Minister for Higher Education and Research, Sylvie Retailleau, and UK Secretary of State Michelle Donelan in London. This meeting not only symbolizes a pivotal moment in bilateral scientific cooperation but also sets the stage for a deepening of research ties through a joint declaration. This declaration includes a commitment of £800,000 in new funding towards joint research efforts, particularly emphasizing the role of Horizon Europe in facilitating these endeavors.

A significant highlight of this partnership is the establishment of a landmark collaboration between the UK’s AI Safety Institute and France’s Inria. This collaboration is particularly timely, given France’s role as the host of the upcoming AI Safety Summit, which aims to build upon the groundwork laid during the UK’s edition last year. The summit focuses on discussions and agreements surrounding frontier AI testing, a critical aspect of ensuring the responsible development of AI technologies.

Moreover, the creation of the French-British joint committee on Science, Technology, and Innovation opens new avenues for cooperation across various fields, including low-carbon hydrogen, space observation, AI, and research security. This committee represents a concrete step towards fostering collaboration and exchanging ideas and best practices through funding and joint projects.


What are the main objectives of the UK-France collaboration on AI? 

The collaboration aims to advance global AI safety, deepen research ties, and foster innovation in AI and other emerging technologies through joint funding initiatives, partnerships, and the establishment of a joint committee on Science, Technology, and Innovation.

How does Horizon Europe play into this collaboration? 

Horizon Europe acts as a framework for these joint research efforts, with both countries committing new funding towards projects under this program, signifying a shared commitment to leveraging European platforms for advancing scientific research.

What is the significance of the AI Safety Summit? 

The AI Safety Summit, hosted by France, aims to continue discussions on AI testing and safety protocols. It builds on previous agreements to ensure the responsible development and deployment of AI technologies.

What does the French-British joint committee on Science, Technology, and Innovation focus on? 

The committee focuses on fostering cooperation across various fields, including AI, low-carbon hydrogen, space observation, and research security, facilitating collaborative work and the exchange of ideas and practices.


The renewed partnership between the UK and France, particularly in the realm of AI safety and innovation, marks a significant milestone in the post-Brexit era. By leveraging the Horizon Europe framework and establishing dedicated platforms for collaboration, both nations are setting a precedent for how cross-border cooperation can drive scientific advancement and address global challenges. This collaboration not only reaffirms the deep historical ties between the UK and France but also highlights their shared commitment to leading the charge in the responsible development of emerging technologies. As these initiatives unfold, they promise to catalyze further innovation, create jobs, and secure both nations’ positions as leaders in the global scientific community.

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