Hugging Face Embarks on a Groundbreaking Open Robotics Initiative


Hugging Face, renowned for its influential open-source machine learning codebase and as a formidable competitor to ChatGPT with its Hugging Chat, is now expanding its horizons into the realm of robotics. This new venture marks a significant leap for the startup, venturing beyond its software-centric roots into the tangible world of robotics hardware.

The announcement of this ambitious project was made by Remi Cadene, a former Tesla staff scientist, who emphasized the project’s commitment to open-source principles. This initiative is not just a nod to the company’s ethos but also a subtle reference to the ongoing legal discourse between OpenAI and Cadene’s previous employer, Elon Musk, highlighting a distinct approach to open-source philosophy.

Leading the charge on this new frontier, Cadene revealed that Hugging Face is on the lookout for robotics engineers to join their team in Paris, France. The project’s mission is clear: to design, build, and maintain open-source and cost-effective robotic systems that seamlessly integrate AI technologies, particularly focusing on deep learning and embodied AI.

The role of an “Embodied Robotics Engineer” is pivotal to this mission, involving close collaboration with machine learning engineers, researchers, and product teams to forge innovative robotics solutions. These solutions aim to redefine the boundaries of robotics and AI, with responsibilities ranging from constructing affordable robots using readily available components and 3D-printed parts to embedding deep learning and embodied AI technologies into these systems.

Until this point, Hugging Face has predominantly focused on software solutions, including its machine learning codebase and open-source chatbot. This foray into robotics signifies a bold step into hardware, as the startup aspires to bring AI to life in the physical world through accessible and open robotic platforms.


What is Hugging Face’s new project about? 

Hugging Face is launching an open robotics project aimed at developing open-source, low-cost robotic systems that incorporate advanced AI technologies, including deep learning and embodied AI.

Who is leading Hugging Face’s robotics initiative? 

Remi Cadene, a former Tesla staff scientist, is leading the robotics project at Hugging Face.

What are the goals of the robotics project? 

The project aims to push the boundaries of what’s possible in robotics and AI by creating affordable, open-source robotic systems that integrate advanced AI technologies.

How does this project differ from Hugging Face’s previous work? 

Unlike its previous focus on software, such as machine learning codebases and chatbots, this project represents Hugging Face’s entry into the hardware domain, specifically in robotics.


Hugging Face’s venture into the open robotics project is a testament to the startup’s innovative spirit and its commitment to the open-source community. By bridging the gap between AI software and physical robotics hardware, Hugging Face is not only expanding its technological repertoire but also democratizing access to advanced robotics. This initiative promises to catalyze further innovation in the field, making robotics more accessible and integrated with cutting-edge AI technologies. As Hugging Face continues to push the boundaries, the future of open-source robotics looks bright, heralding a new era of technological advancement and collaboration.

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