’s BharatGPT Joins NVIDIA Inception Program, Secures Enhanced GPU Resources

CoRover.ais BharatGPT Joins NVIDIA Inception Program Secures Enhanced GPU Resources has been at the forefront of developing advanced virtual assistants for a range of esteemed clients, including government bodies such as the IRCTC, MaxLife, Chennai Police, and LIC. The company’s CEO, Ankush Sabharwal, recently announced their induction into the NVIDIA Inception program, signifying a substantial leap forward in their AI capabilities.

By entering NVIDIA’s Inception program, will now have access to cutting-edge GPU technology, which is essential for computational processes involving generative AI. This access is expected to accelerate the deployment of their flagship offering, BharatGPT – a Human-Centric Conversational AI platform. This AI platform is central to CoRover’s mission to transform the interaction between businesses and their customers.

In tandem with this partnership, has launched CoroAssist, a state-of-the-art AI Information Retrieval System set to change the enterprise landscape of data management. In a conversation with AIM, Sabharwal discussed the construction of BharatGPT and its significant role in powering virtual assistants across sectors.

Starting its venture into AI in 2016, has been committed to crafting bespoke virtual assistants for their partners and several government agencies. Sabharwal emphasizes that BharatGPT’s role is to empower other virtual assistants without imposing additional charges for creating proprietary models. “With your data, we can create a custom assistant tailored for your business needs in a few simple steps,” Sabharwal explains. This service extends to creating assistants in 14 different languages, complete with voice capabilities.

Moreover, with the backing of Google and the use of its cloud services for building large language models (LLMs), reinforces its dedication to the Indian government’s vision of “Make AI in India and Make AI Work for India”. Sabharwal stresses the importance of data residency, assuring that data processed by BharatGPT remains within India. also utilizes GPU resources rented from Google to further their model development.

FAQ Section

Q: What is’s association with NVIDIA? A: has joined the NVIDIA Inception program, gaining access to NVIDIA’s GPUs to enhance their AI-powered solutions.

Q: What is BharatGPT? A: BharatGPT is’s Human-Centric Conversational AI platform, designed to improve the way businesses communicate with their customers.

Q: Who has developed virtual assistants for? A: has developed virtual assistants for IRCTC, MaxLife, Chennai Police, LIC, and other partners and government agencies.

Q: How does’s service model work? A: enables businesses to build custom virtual assistants using their data without additional costs for model development, supporting up to 14 languages including voice.

Q: What is’s stance on data sovereignty? A: is committed to ensuring that all data handled by their AI stays within India, aligning with the Indian government’s data sovereignty principles.

Conclusion’s integration into the NVIDIA Inception program marks a significant stride in advancing their AI solutions. With BharatGPT at the helm, the company is well-positioned to innovate and deliver transformative AI services globally. The launch of CoroAssist further demonstrates their capability to revolutionize data retrieval for enterprises. This progression is a testament to’s commitment to excellence and vision for the future, presenting new opportunities and promising developments for stakeholders in the expansive landscape of AI.

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