Coqui: Ai Tool Features, Price, Pros & Cons, Alternatives

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Are you seeking a versatile and quality voice AI solution? Coqui Studio is an innovative platform using generative AI to produce realistic, emotive text-to-speech. This blog post will guide you through its key features, cost details, pros and cons, along with digging into its alternatives. Keep reading to explore how Coqui can revolutionize your speech technology needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Coqui Studio offers realistic and emotive text-to-speech capabilities through generative AI.
  • Users can clone any voice with just 3 seconds of audio, providing a highly customizable experience.
  • The platform includes an advanced editor for adjusting pitch, loudness, and other nuances in the voice output.
  • Coqui Studio offers flexible pricing plans starting at $20 monthly and a free trial to explore its features.

Coqui: An Overview

Coqui is a platform that offers realistic, emotive text-to-speech through generative AI.

Product Information

Coqui Studio has revolutionized text-to-speech technology by introducing realistic and emotive voice synthesis using generative AI. With just 3 seconds of audio, any voice can be cloned to create a custom vocal adjustment unique to each user.

It has an advanced editor allows fine-tuning of pitch, loudness, and more. Apart from these value-added features, Coqui offers project management capabilities, enabling users to efficiently organize and control their work.

Anticipation builds as script imports and team collaboration aspects are soon to join the long list of available features in this innovative tool.

Coqui Features

Coqui Studio, equipped with advanced artificial intelligence, provides various features for customizable text-to-speech solutions. Here are some significant features:

  1. Coqui Studio hosts generative AI models that produce realistic and emotive text-to-speech outputs.
  2. With only 3 seconds of audio, users can clone any voice.
  3. The freedom to design custom voices becomes a reality through the generative AI provided by Coqui.
  4. It incorporates dynamic style, pace, and emotion adjustment features to tailor each voice output to specific requirements.
  5. An intricate editor aids in adjusting pitch, loudness, and nuances for each sentence, word, or character.
  6. Coqui offers the feature of saving multiple takes on a performance recording, providing flexibility to choose the preferred version later.

Pros & Cons

Coqui’s capabilities are not without pros and cons, and it is necessary to weigh them before deciding. Here is a table that enumerates the advantages and disadvantages of this AI tool.

Users can clone any voice with only 3 seconds of audio, offering a highly flexible and customizable user experience.Personal information is collected and processed for visitor statistics and browsing behavior, which could be a concern for some users regarding privacy.
Coqui provides an advanced editor to adjust pitch, loudness, and more for each sentence, word, or character, allowing for detailed audio customization.As an advanced AI tool, Coqui could have a steep learning curve for some users, especially those unfamiliar with AI technology.
The platform provides project management features, aiding users in organizing and managing their work effectively.The pricing could be high for some users, with plans starting at $20 monthly and going upwards.
Coqui’s tool offers a free trial with 300 credits, allowing users to explore and understand the features before investing.The free trial could have potential limitations, restricting users from fully exploring all the features and functions.


Coqui Studio offers flexible pricing plans to suit different needs. They provide a free trial, which includes 300 credits for users to experience the platform’s capabilities. For those interested in more advanced features and a higher credit allocation, the Starter plan is $20 monthly and comes with 14,400 credits.

The Pro plan includes more credits and offers multi-user functionality and team collaboration tools. The Enterprise plan covers you if you require enterprise-level features like single sign-on and premium voice cloning options.

With Coqui Studio’s generous free trial offer and various pricing options, users can find a plan that aligns perfectly with their requirements without breaking the bank.

Coqui Alternatives

In addition to Coqui, several other alternatives are available in the market, offering similar features and functionalities. Voicemaker,, Replicastudios, SpeechGen, Speechelo, DeepZen, Aflorithmic, and Revoicer are popular alternatives worth exploring.

Read on to learn more about these options and how they compare to Coqui.


Voicemaker is an AI tool associated with Coqui Studio that allows users to clone any voice by providing just 3 seconds of audio. With Voicemaker, users can design their custom voices using generative AI technology.

The tool offers a range of features that make it easy to tune any voice’s style, pace, and emotions. Additionally, Voicemaker provides an advanced editor that allows users to adjust pitch, loudness, and more for each sentence, word, or character.

This level of customization makes Voicemaker a powerful tool for anyone looking to create unique and personalized voices for various applications such as audiobooks or voiceovers.

Play. Ht is one of the alternatives to Coqui, and it offers artificial intelligence-powered text-to-speech capabilities with Play. Ht, users can access a range of AI voices that are highly realistic and dynamic.

The platform also allows users to clone any voice with just a 3-second audio sample—additionally, Play. Ht provides features for customizing voices by tuning their style, pace, and emotions.

Moreover, it offers project management tools to help users organize and control their work.


Replicastudios is one of the alternatives to Coqui that users can consider. It offers a range of features for 3D animation, virtual reality, augmented reality, and more. With its animation software and rendering capabilities, Replicastudios provides users the tools they need to create stunning computer-generated imagery, motion graphics, and visual effects.

Its user-friendly interface and powerful D modeling capabilities make it an attractive choice for those looking to bring their ideas to life through character animation projects.


SpeechGen is a powerful alternative to Coqui Studio for text-to-speech needs. Its advanced speech editing features give users complete control over the pitch, loudness, and more for every sentence, word, or character.

This tool also allows for generating custom voices and adjusting their style and pace according to user preferences. Whether you need vibrant speech generation or voice cloning technology, SpeechGen has covered you with its state-of-the-art artificial intelligence in speech synthesis.


Speechelo is a platform associated with Coqui Studio that offers various features for text-to-speech voice generation. With the help of artificial intelligence, users can create customizable voices according to their preferences and needs.

One notable feature offered by Speechelo is an advanced editor that allows users to adjust pitch, loudness, and other performance options at a sentence, word, or even character level.

Additionally, Speechelo provides the convenience of saving multiple performances through different takes and deciding later which one to use. Like Coqui Studio’s capabilities, Speechelo offers instant voice cloning capabilities for immediate results in voice generation tasks.


DeepZen is an AI tool that utilizes natural language processing, machine learning, and neural networks to generate high-quality speech. Its advanced deep learning algorithms allow DeepZen to transform text into realistic and expressive voices.

It offers various features, such as voice synthesis and computational linguistics, making it a powerful option for those in need of speech generation capabilities. Although not mentioned in the provided content, DeepZen should be considered an alternative to Coqui due to its expertise in artificial intelligence and voice synthesis technology.


Aflorithmic is not mentioned in the content provided.


Revoicer is an AI tool that belongs to the category of Coqui alternatives. It utilizes generative AI to provide realistic and emotive text-to-speech capabilities. With Revoicer, users can clone any voice by providing a short audio sample of just three seconds.

But that’s not all – Revoicer allows users to create custom voices using advanced generative AI technology. With its advanced editor, users have complete control over pitch adjustment, loudness control, and more at the sentence, word, or even character level.

Who Uses Coqui?

Coqui is used by many professionals and industries, including content creators, marketers, film and animation studios, and video game developers.

Target audience and industries

Coqui Studio is designed for a wide range of users in various industries. It caters to professionals working on voiceover projects, allowing them to easily modify voice styles and adjust the pace according to their needs.

With its powerful AI technology, Coqui Studio also appeals to those involved in emotive voice dubbing, as it provides complete control over the emotions the AI voices convey. Its project organization tools and work control features suit individuals or teams working on collaborative projects.

Moreover, Coqui Studio’s usage-based payment system makes it flexible for users who want to pay only for what they use. Its upcoming features, like script integration, indicate potential use in industries that require efficient script management and team collaboration.

Coqui Integrations

Coqui TTS offers seamless integration with Python and other platforms, allowing users to use the tool in their preferred programming language or software environment.

Coqui TTS’s compatibility with Python and other platforms

Coqui TTS is compatible with Python and several other platforms, making it a versatile tool for developers and users. It seamlessly integrates with Python, allowing users to efficiently incorporate Coqui’s text-to-speech functionality into their projects. Coqui TTS is also compatible with various other programming platforms, providing flexibility for those who prefer to work with different languages. Its wide range of compatibility ensures that users can leverage Coqui’s capabilities regardless of their preferred programming environment or platform.

Coqui TTS Reviews

Users have praised Coqui TTS for its reliable voice processing and fully customizable speech-to-text engine. Its performance and usability have received positive feedback, making it a top choice among content creators, marketers, film and animation studios, and video game developers.

Continue reading to learn more about the user reviews and how Coqui compares to other alternatives regarding features and pricing.

User feedback on Coqui’s performance and usability

Users have praised Coqui for its impressive performance and usability. They have highlighted how the platform allows them to clone voices with just a mere 3 seconds of audio input, making it incredibly efficient.

Additionally, users appreciate the ability to customize voice styles, pace, and emotions easily using Coqui Studio’s features. The advanced editor also enables fine-tuning pitch, loudness, and other parameters on a sentence, word, or character level.

Another standout feature is the capability to save multiple performances for later selection, giving users flexibility and convenience in choosing the most suitable voice output. With these capabilities, many find Coqui TTS ideal for dubbing projects as it provides complete control over AI-generated voices.


Coqui Studio is an advanced AI tool that offers realistic and customizable text-to-speech capabilities. With its innovative features, such as voice cloning and emotion control, Coqui allows content creators, marketers, film studios, and game developers to enhance their projects with lifelike voices.

The platform’s competitive pricing and flexible payment options make it a cost-effective solution for businesses needing high-quality speech synthesis. Additionally, Coqui provides a range of alternatives for users to explore based on their specific requirements.

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